Northrim Stories.

Owners work for years building their businesses, and the decision to sell has profound implications for their families, employees, and customers. Northrim’s long-term strategy allows us to continue building these businesses the right way.  We seek to support and empower team members by providing them opportunities to learn, develop, take on new responsibilities, and be recognized. We believe happy, fulfilled people create enduring value for their families, communities, and companies.

Hear Our Stories

ITC Personal Care Northrim Stories

Jack Lawson

CEO, ITC In-Home Personal Care

Total Apartment Solutions Northrim Stories

Sandra Meono

VP of Operations, Total Apartment Solutions

Horizon Pools Northrim Stories

Elissa-Marie Ogaard

Office Manager, Horizon Commercial Pools

Genesis Northrim Stories

Francisco Flores

Account Manager, Genesis Landscape Solutions

Budget Bros Northrim Story

Nick Thome

CEO, Budget Brothers Termite & Pest

Northrim Horizon - Northstar Preschool

Pollett Infrazon

Center Director, Northstar Preschools